This is my fitspo blog, where I can motivate and share my passion for Muay Thai and staying healthy. SW 180 CW 151 GW 130 I'm here for all my followers.
Also I like the smell of earth the touch of waves the taste of berries the sight of trees The sound of laughter and the feeling of being fully alive. I track the tag #bravelilfighter
LOL I know I just couldn’t resist! Sorry anon

Anonymous said: yo girl. You're hot. just sayin'

Anonymous said: Excuse me. *taps your shoulder* Why are you so sexy?

Cause I got  the good genes. Lol but no really idk, thank you though :D

Woooo! You look great, and more importantly, you look happy! Congrats, lady. You kick ass.
Thank you!! That really  means a lot to me! :D